Updated NFL Draft order after Week 17: Bears (by way of Panthers) clinch No. 1 pick

The Chicago Bears officially own the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears have officially clinched the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. That news arrives on a day in which Chicago beat the Atlanta Falcons to advanced to 7-9 on the season — and 7-5 in their last 12 games. Matt Eberflus has saved his job from the looks of it. The Bears' defense locked in for a 37-17 victory over Atlanta, forcing Taylor Heinicke into three interceptions while keeping the Falcons' elite run game at bay.

And yet, despite all those contradictory facts, Chicago has clinched the No. 1 pick. That is, of course, because the Bears own the Carolina Panthers' first-round pick after last spring's Bryce Young trade. The Panthers fell to 2-14 with a shutout loss to the C.J. Beathard-led Jacksonville Jaguars. It has been a pitiful season all around for Carolina, who has to feel remorse over their decision to trade the farm for the NFL's least inspiring rookie QB.

In addition to Chicago's happy day, the Washington Commanders and New England Patriots furthered their quest for the No. 2 overall pick — now tied at 4-12. Also 4-12 are the Arizona Cardinals, who toppled the Philadelphia Eagles in a shocker we all saw coming a mile away. The win actually hurts Arizona on the NFL Draft front, but it's a good morale boost for a team momentarily committed to rebuilding around the recently returned Kyler Murray.

Here's a look at the 2024 NFL Draft order as it currently sits, courtesy of Tankathon.

Updated 2024 NFL Draft order after Week 17

1. Chicago Bears — via Carolina Panthers (2-14)
2. Washington Commanders (4-12)
3. New England Patriots (4-12)
4. Arizona Cardinals (4-12)
5. New York Giants (5-11)
6. Tennessee Titans (5-11)
7. Los Angeles Chargers (5-10)
8. New York Jets (6-10)
9. Atlanta Falcons (7-9)
10. Chicago Bears (7-9)
11. Las Vegas Raiders (7-9)
12. Green Bay Packers (7-8)
13. Denver Broncos (7-8)
14. Minnesota Vikings (7-8)
15. New Orleans Saints (8-8)
16. Cincinnati Bengals (8-7)
17. Arizona Cardinals — via Houston Texans (9-7)
18. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7)
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-8)
20. Seattle Seahawks (8-8)
21. Indianapolis Colts (9-7)
22. Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7)
23. Los Angeles Rams (9-7)
24. Kansas City Chiefs (9-6)
25. Buffalo Bills (10-6)
26. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)
27. Detroit Lions (11-5)
28. Houston Texans — via Cleveland Browns (11-5)
29. Miami Dolphins (11-5)
30. Dallas Cowboys (11-5)
31. San Francisco 49ers (12-4)
32. Baltimore Ravens (13-3)

There's still room for a lot of movement near the top in Week 18. That cluster behind Chicago — Washington, New England, Arizona, New York, Tennessee — is destined for chaos. That said, there is no more interesting conundrum than the Bears. The No. 1 pick would presumably mean Caleb Williams, which complicates the path forward for Justin Fields.

A lot of trade speculation will crop up as a result. Chicago could trade out of No. 1 again, reaffirming their commitment to Fields. The Bears still have another top-10 pick to burn on complementary talent. The going rate for the top pick was high last season. Williams should demand more than Young in a vacuum, so the Bears would be handsomely rewarded in the event of a trade.

No matter which way the cookie crumbles, Chicago's roster will look meaningfully different next season. If he sticks around, Eberflus should have plenty to work with as the Bears aspire to contention in 2024 and beyond.

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