Apple iWatch concept. Credit: MacRumors

iWatch coming in October?

The long-rumored iWatch wasn’t announced at Apple’s WWDC keynote on Monday in San Francisco, but that hasn’t stopped speculation from running wild regarding just when consumers will be able to see the device available for purchase.

The latest rumor comes from Japanese business newspaper Nikkei. The report states that Apple’s iWatch smartwatch device is expected to launch in October of this year, and will run a custom version of the newly announced iOS 8.

According to sources close to the newspaper, Apple has begun the process of finalizing the specs for the watch. It will reportedly include a curved OLED touchscreen, and will use a number of sensors to track various health data like calorie intake, blood pressure and sleep activity. The wearable technology will also allow users to read messages sent to their iPhones without having to look at the phone.

From Nikkei:

Apple appears confident of the new product. According to a parts manufacturer, it plans monthly commercial output of about 3-5 million units, which exceeds the total global sales of watch-like devices last year. 

The report doesn’t give much in terms of details about the iWatch’s phsyical features other than the curved screen. However, other reports have surfaced stating the the device will have a round face in addition to having a wireless charging ability.

Mike’s Musings: With each passing day, I grow more and more excited for this device to finally be revealed. There is so much speculation regarding it that not everything you hear is going to be accurate. That being said, most of the information leaked out comes from reputable sources, and could give us a glimpse into the first piece of wearable tech from the tech giant. Hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer for a full reveal of the device.

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