2024 NBA Mock Draft Post-Lottery: Hawks claim No. 1 pick, Lakers swing big

The Atlanta Hawks are on the clock. That's just one more layer of chaos in the most unpredictable NBA Draft since 2013.
Mark Tatum, Landry Fields
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The No. 1 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft officially belongs to the Atlanta Hawks, who entered Sunday's lottery with the 10th-best odds (three percent!). Already at an organizational crossroads, Atlanta now has to navigate the ultimate choice on draft night, in addition to the uncertain futures of Trae Young and Dejounte Murray.

It's another layer of chaos in a draft that is already shrouded in uncertainty. We don't know who the No. 1 pick will be. There are strong favorites, of course, but the talent at the top of this class is unusually balanced. Rather than obvious star bets, teams are forced to pick between immensely flawed prospects with starkly different paths to greatness. The Hawks' front office has struggled to identify talent and assemble a winning team in recent years, so the importance of this selection is sure to cause great stress within the fanbase.

The Houston Rockets also made a sizable leap in the lottery, up from No. 9 to No. 3, courtesy of the Brooklyn Nets' trade for James Harden. Houston is expected to explore trades, but this is a prime opportunity to land an impact talent on a cheap contract with 8-9 years of team control. So, expect Houston — one of the deepest upstart teams in the NBA — to carefully consider its options.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the Detroit Pistons. For the second straight year, Detroit will select fifth overall despite having the worst record in basketball. This was the furthest possible drop for the Pistons. On the bright side, this was the best year to suffer such a fate. The No. 5 pick will have pretty reasonable odds of outperforming the No. 1 pick. The Pistons just need to avoid stumbling into a trap. Hopefully, their new president of basketball operations can steer the ship on a better course.

With the draft order officially set (for now), here's an updated look at our projections for all 58 picks.

2024 NBA Mock Draft 1-5 (ATL, WAS, HOU, SAS, DET)

. Alex Sarr. 1. player. Alex Sarr. 1. 125. . C. Perth

The Hawks have options. That could end up as a blessing or a curse, depending on your confidence in the Atlanta front office. While there are several viable choices here, the overwhelming favorite (for a reason) is French 7-footer Alex Sarr. Clint Capela is entering the final year of his contract and the Hawks' defense put up all the resistance of a colander in the Chattahoochee River last season. Sarr can immediately provide some stability on the back line.

In a weak class, it's hard not to be drawn to a player with Sarr's combination of size and lateral mobility. He's comfortable in various defensive schemes, whether that's switching onto the perimeter, guarding at the level on pick-and-rolls, or hanging around the rim in drop coverage. He needs to bulk up and operate with more force around the basket, but Sarr's 3-point touch and straight-line driving suggest upside on the offensive end, too. It's hard to imagine a better co-star to start his career with than Trae Young, assuming the Hawks keep their All-Star point guard around.

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. Nikola Topic. Nikola Topic. 142. 2. player. . G. KK Crvena Zvezda. 2

Washington could go in several directions here as well. There will be a lot of buzz around French wing Zaccharie Risacher, but the Wizards are chock full of 3-and-D wings. UConn center Donovan Clingan also offers a potential solution to Washington's lack of rim protection. And yet, the Wizards need to swing for upside here. Nikola Topic is the best prospect available, and he addresses precisely what the Wizards need offensively.

Tyus Jones is about to enter free agency and he's due for a hefty contract. Topic is a constant source of rim pressure who reads the floor at a high level and creates advantages with his speed. He can set the table for Washington's robust collection of wings and off-guards, all while offering the upside of a legitimate go-to option and No. 1 scorer if all the pieces fall into place. Washington has scouted the international waters well in recent years. Topic makes too much sense.

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Kentucky. player. 3. . . G. Reed Sheppard. 3. 169. Reed Sheppard

The Rockets are unusually deep for a team selecting this high. If Houston doesn't trade the pick, expect Rafael Stone and the front office to target a day-one contributor with a versatile off-ball skill set. Reed Sheppard is the obvious choice — an analytics darling who put together one of the most efficient shooting seasons in college basketball history as a freshman.

He would offer an immediate boost to Houston's 3-point numbers, as well as a high-level processor who can connect dots as a passer, slasher, and cutter. The defense is going to be problematic at 6-foot-2, but Sheppard displayed tremendous instincts at Kentucky. He operates well within a team context and can generate disruptions when he's not singled out on switches.

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. Zaccharie Risacher. 29. JL Bourg. 4. F. Zaccharie Risacher. . 4. player

A midseason slump hasn't done much to derail Zaccharie Risacher's stock in the eyes of NBA scouts. He probably won't fall much further than this, if at all, once draft night rolls around. The Spurs need a point guard, but wing depth is also an area of need. Equipped with two top-10 picks, San Antonio can burn this on the (perceived) best player available. I'm wary of Risacher this high, but 6-foot-10 wings that can defend at a high level, bury 3s, and handle fluidly in the open court are in high demand.

It doesn't hurt that Risacher hails from the same country as last year's No. 1 pick, Victor Wembanyama. The Spurs should be dedicated to putting Wemby in a maximally comfortable situation for the next decade. It's a good basketball fit as well, with Risacher spacing out to the 3-point line, processing the floor at a high level, and giving the Spurs a potential on-ball stopper to reinforce the defense.

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Tennessee. 64. F. Dalton Knecht. . player. Dalton Knecht. 5. 5.

The Pistons would be lambasted for this move in a normal draft — swinging for the 23-year-old college overachiever at No. 5 — but the 2024 draft is weak enough to justify the move. Dalton Knecht is, without a doubt, one of the most polished wing scorers on the board. He shoots a gorgeous 3-ball, he's an attentive and active off-ball mover, and he has some serious vertical pop on finishes around the rim.

After kicking around juco and mid-major programs early in his college career, Knecht finished strong with a blowout fifth and final campaign at Tennessee. He was the best player in the SEC last season and, at a certain point, the Pistons need to start putting a competent product on the floor. Knecht is the best basketball fit available to Detroit, and frankly, the downside is far less severe than it would be in a more talented class. He can contribute straight away as a volume shooter and the ideal off-ball scoring complement to Cade Cunningham.

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2024 NBA Mock Draft 6-10 (CHA, POR, SAS, MEM, UTA)

. . player. F. G League Ignite. Matas Buzelis . 6. 6. Matas Buzelis . 170

The Hornets can go several different directions here. There will be a contingent of fans who support one of the twitchy guards (Rob Dillingham, Isaiah Collier), while others will call for a proper defensive backbone (Donovan Clingan). At the end of the day, however, adding another diversely talented wing next to Brandon Miller is the way to go. Matas Buzelis finished the season strong for the G League Ignite, showcasing a robust skill set that should translate to virtually any situation at the next level.

He needs to up his 3-point efficiency and improve ball security, but Buzelis is 6-foot-9 with fluid open-court handles, impressive passing chops, and a nice package of specialty jumpers. He can target mismatches in the post, score with a head of steam on straight-line drives, or operate in two-man actions as a screener and short-roll passer. The possibilities are endless, and Charlotte gets another tall wing that can beat the defense in multiple ways. That is the direction of today's game. Buzelis would also benefit immensely from LaMelo Ball's selfless attitude and shot creation.

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Connecticut . G. . 34. 7. Stephon Castle. Stephon Castle. . 7. player

Deandre Ayton's late-season surge could dissuade the Blazers from selecting his replacement. If so, Portland needs to improve its perimeter defense, stat. Scoot Henderson, Anfernee Simons, and Shaedon Sharpe are an explosive offensive core, but the Blazers struggled to generate stops all season. Even if Ayton were an elite rim protector (which he's not), it's difficult to keep opponents off the board when dribble penetration comes easily.

Stephon Castle is a proven winner, having helped UConn to its second straight title as a freshman. He has some intriguing on-ball flashes, but Castle's game is adaptable. He spent plenty of time spacing out to the 3-point line, cutting backdoor, and operating as a connector for the Huskies. He's a smart, unselfish player — and he also happens to be the best on-ball defensive stopper available in this range. He's a great fit for Portland.

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Rob Dillingham . player. G. Kentucky. . . 8. Rob Dillingham . 8. 29

Rob Dillingham was measured at 6-foot-1 without shoes and 164 pounds at the Combine. Those numbers are going to scare even the staunchest believers. The talent popped countless times at Kentucky, but today's NBA is notoriously tricky for undersized guards. Dillingham is going to be a severe defensive negative and he could struggle to combat the physicality of NBA defenses on the other end, especially when finishing around the rim.

Still, no prospect flashed star-power as frequently as Dillingham, and this draft is short on that quality. The dude was built for clutch moments. He's a dynamic on-ball creator, with an efficient 3-point stroke and the versatility to operate off-ball just as comfortably. The Spurs need a proper shot creator in the backcourt — preferably one that can apply constant pressure to the defense at all three levels and score prolifically off the dribble. Dillingham would benefit Wemby, and vice versa. It's hard to imagine a better defensive backstop to insulate Dillingham at the next level.

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211. Donovan Clingan. . . Donovan Clingan. player. 9. Connecticut . 9. C

This is probably Donovan Clingan's floor judging from the constant barrage of hype following UConn's title run. The Grizzlies traded Steven Adams last season, opening the door for another bruising 7-footer to anchor the frontcourt next to Jaren Jackson Jr. If the Grizzlies don't trade the pick, expect the front office to focus on adding a win-now contributor. Clingan should be able to play as a rookie.

At 7-foot-2, Clingan is a truly massive rim protector. He's not going to switch screens or spend time on the perimeter, but he has flexible hips and light feet in the paint. He covers a lot of ground and displays tremendous instincts as a shot-blocker. The offensive skill set is rather rudimentary, but Clingan will set thunderous screens and provide Ja Morant with a lob threat at the rim. He passes well for his position too, even if limited post moves and a lack of touch put a cap on Clingan's upside.

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F. Ron Holland. 10. player. 118. G League Ignite. Ron Holland. 10. .

The Jazz get a potential steal in Ron Holland, who is expected to tumble a bit after his rocky season with the G League Ignite. Forced into No. 1 duties for a team with decrepit guard play and zero spacing, Holland still managed to lead the Ignite in scoring with a steady dose of slippery drives, spot-up 3s, and clever backdoor cuts. He needs to improve his consistency from deep and cut down on turnovers, but Holland made noticeable strides during the season. He learned to mix speeds, which keeps defenders off-balance and sets up more drives to the cup.

At 6-foot-7, Holland is known as a hard-worker and a cutthroat competitor. He makes effort plays on defense and supplies a potential on-ball stopper to a Utah defense in desperate need of one. The Jazz tend to prioritize ball movement and spacing. Holland should benefit from the improved spacing and continuity of the Jazz offense. Utah, meanwhile, will benefit from Holland's rim pressure and scoring in tandem with Lauri Markkanen on the wing.

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2024 NBA Mock Draft 11-15 (CHI, OKC, SAC, POR, MIA)

24. Isaiah Collier. Isaiah Collier. 11. USC. . . player. G. 11

The Bulls should essentially ignore Zach Lavine and DeMar DeRozan when making this pick. The former is a trade candidate, the latter is a free agent, and neither should be back next season if Chicago is serious about moving the franchise in a better direction. It's time to focus on the future, which starts with Coby White in the backcourt. Here, Chicago has a chance to land his running mate for the next decade in Isaiah Collier.

It was a challenging season for Collier at USC, as the Trojans simply failed to deliver on the hype. Despite turnover woes and a midseason injury, however, Collier rebounded in conference play and offered scouts a reminder of his immense talent. At 6-foot-5, he's built like a tank with an explosive first step and impressive finishing chops. Advantage creation is essential to projecting star upside. Collier has no trouble getting downhill, compromising the defense, and drawing contact. His processing speed improved as the season progressed and he has all the tools to defend at a high level. It's a matter of commitment.

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12. . 12. 149. . F. Colorado . Cody Williams. Cody Williams. player

This pick is a total luxury for the No. 1 seed in the West. OKC's talent evaluation has been spot-on for the majority of recent drafts. Without a clearly defined need, the Thunder can bet on talent and archetype. Cody Williams is a 6-foot-7 wing who registered point guard reps at Colorado. He needs to tighten the screws on his handle and shoot a higher volume of 3s, but Williams scored with extreme efficiency as a freshman and flashed legitimate passing chops. He's also the younger brother of Thunder star Jalen Williams, so there are family ties.

Rarely does a pick work for both sentimental and basketball reasons, but this one does. Williams has a chance to develop into the quintessential modern wing — a jumbo creator with quick processing skills, an efficient 3-point stroke, and a troublemaking 7-foot-1 wingspan that proves quite useful on defense. OKC has prioritized the intersection of size and skill at every position. Williams needs time and patience, which the deep and competitive Thunder can afford. Not to mention the benefit of his older brother's guidance.

. Ja'Kobe Walter. 13. 13. G. player. . Baylor. Ja'Kobe Walter. 84

The Kings are stuck in the mud in a deep Western Conference. There are several viable options here, but Sacramento takes the easy route — opting for a 3-and-D wing that should plug comfortably into Mike Brown's offense. Walter struggled with efficiency at Baylor, but he's a singularly talented shot-maker. Comfortable shooting under duress, both spotting up and on the move, Walter has a chance to really stress defenses working in tandem with De'Aaron Fox and Kevin Huerter in the Kings backcourt.

He's limited in his on-ball prowess, but Walter sprints into movement 3s, drains difficult pull-ups, and torches errant closeouts with strong drives to the cup. He also defends the perimeter at a high level. Sacramento needs stoppers, especially without a proper rim protector to anchor the defense. Walter is a great fit.

player. 14. 34. Tidjane Salaun. . . F. Cholet . Tidjane Salaun. 14

Portland loves to bet on athletes. Tidjane Salaun is the ultimate upside gamble in the 2024 draft. He's 6-foot-9 with springs in his feet and impressive shot-making chops. That said, the 18-year-old's production has fluctuated drastically at various points during the French season. He doesn't display great feel for the game and his efficiency wavers. The majority of Salaun's success comes from above-the-break 3s and finishes at the rim. He lacks the handle and physicality necessary to create shots elsewhere right now.

He creates a lot of events on defense and Salaun's size-athleticism combination is bound to appeal to scouts in a class short on upside. That said, Salaun needs to prove that he's a real shooter, and not simply experiencing a fluky season after years of ineffectiveness beyond the arc. His reliance on an iffy jumper and the extremely raw nature of his skill set is reason for caution. Portland, however, needs to swing for the fences. Their second lotto pick is used accordingly.

. C. 15. player. 110. Kyle Filipowski. 15. . Duke. Kyle Filipowski

The Heat add skill and physicality to the frontcourt with Duke 7-footer Kyle Filipowski. There are concerns about Flip's negative wingspan, but he emerged as an impactful rim protector in his sophomore campaign. Filipowski also has the mobility to guard in space and contain the ball-handler on an occasional switch. Factor in his shooting and passing chops on offense, and Flip can function next to Bam Adebayo in two-big lineups, or as Miami's backup center. He's a proven college star who should contribute from day one. He's also a dawg — the Heat love dawgs.

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2024 NBA Mock Draft 16-20 (PHI, LAL, ORL, TOR, CLE)

93. G. Jared McCain. 16. player. 16. Duke. . . Jared McCain

If Jared McCain slips due to concerns about his size and limited athleticism, the Sixers should leap at the opportunity. The Duke freshman scorched nets all season. He's probably the best pull-up shooter on the board, but he's also comfortable working off-ball. Joel Embiid has always been at his best with volume shooters around him. McCain can struggle to turn the corner due to his subpar first step, but he's a crafty ball-handler with the strength and footwork to carve out shots inside the arc. He was extremely efficient around the rim for a 6-foot-3 guard with minimal vertical pop. The Sixers would benefit from another playmaker to ease Tyrese Maxey's burden.

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. C. Zach Edey. . Purdue. Zach Edey. 17. 17. player. 20

At a certain point, sheer statistical dominance becomes difficult to overlook. Zach Edey owned the college level like few players in recent history. He's roughly 7-foot-4 and 300 pounds without shoes. Even in the modern NBA, there's a use for efficient bully-ball scorers in the paint. Edey has the touch and passing chops to offer upside beyond dunks and offensive rebounds. Plus, he's an effective drop coverage defender, equipped with a 7-foot-11 wingspan that is tough for opponents to navigate. The Lakers need a proper backup center. Edey and Anthony Davis can also bludgeon smaller lineups together in certain matchups.

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Bub Carrington . 38. Pittsburgh. Bub Carrington . 18. player. 18. . . G

Orlando still needs a point guard who can set the table and space the floor. Enter Carlton Carrington, one of the youngest prospects on the board, fresh off a pleasantly productive freshman campaign at Pittsburgh. There are red flags with Carrington — primarily his thin frame and lack of shot attempts at the rim — but 6-foot-5 guards who bomb pull-up 3s, create looks in isolation, and distribute effectively out of pick-and-rolls tend to carry value. The Magic have two elite sources of rim pressure on the wing, as well as a strong defensive apparatus to insulate Carrington.

. F. 19. Ratiopharm Ulm. Pacome Dadiet . Pacome Dadiet . 81. 19. . player

Toronto is always on the prowl for upside and French wing Pacome Dadiet feels like a big potential riser. Listed around 6-foot-8 with broad shoulders and impressive shot-making chops, Dadiet could slide comfortably into Toronto's offensive ecosystem. He needs to improve his defensive fundamentals and clean up his decision-making, but strong wings who can create effectively off the dribble are hard to come by. After losing their lottery pick to San Antonio, the Raptors would be wise to bet on upside.

player. 20. . Colorado . Tristan da Silva. Tristan da Silva. F. . 20. 156

The Cavs (still) need help on the wing. Tristan da Silva was a standout in the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, which crystallized his status as a potential top-20 pick. At 6-foot-9, da Silva shoots a clean 3-pointer, attacks the rim with coordinated drives, and delivers a variety of passes on the move. He's not the most advanced self-creator, but da Silva processes the game quickly and takes what the defense gives him. He gives Cleveland a day-one contributor at a position of need.

2024 NBA Mock Draft 21-25 (NOP, PHX, MIL, NYK, NYK)

C. Indiana . Kel'el Ware. 21. . . Kel'el Ware. 21. 69. player

The Pelicans aren't expected to bring back Jonas Valanciunas, which opens up a need at the five spot. Kel'el Ware projects well as a rim-runner and shot-blocker, but most importantly, he shot 42.5 percent from deep as a sophomore. New Orleans should prioritize a center that can space the floor for Zion Williamson. Ware also flashes upside as a face-up scorer, with off-the-charts athleticism that should be coveted in a weak draft.

22. C. Yves Missi. player. Baylor. 66. 22. . . Yves Missi

Yves Missi was one of the most impressive athletes at the Combine, for what it's worth. Generally, it's smart to bet on 6-foot-11 centers who can navigate multiple coverage types and blanket large areas of the court defensively. Missi has the quickness to defend up on screens or guard switches. He's also going to wall off the paint and make some eye-popping recoveries. The offensive skill set is rather limited, but he can finish lobs or dance around the post with crisp footwork. His agility really pops, and Phoenix desperately needs an heir to Jusuf Nurkic's spot in the starting five.

. . Kansas. 23. player. Kevin McCullar Jr.. Kevin McCullar Jr.. 23. F. 89

The Bucks figure to invest in an experienced college prospect with the potential to contribute right away. Kevin McCullar checks too many boxes to ignore. He needs to ratchet up the 3-point volume, but his perimeter defense, slashing, and improved passing as a senior should translate to meaningful contributions in the second unit. He competes like hell and has an extremely adaptable skill set.

24. . G. Terrence Shannon Jr.. Illinois . 24. player. 27. . Terrence Shannon Jr.

Terrence Shannon Jr. wowed scouts during Illinois' NCAA Tournament run. Even as an older prospect, there is immense upside tied to Shannon's live-wire athleticism. He's a complete handful attacking downhill, with an explosive first step, the vertical pop to contort for awkward finishes, and the strength to absorb contact. If he can defend and create for teammates, he could outperform his draft slot.

Shannon will face trial for a rape charge on June 10.

27. 25. . . Providence . Devin Carter. Devin Carter. 25. player. G

Devin Carter is 6-foot-2 with a 6-foot-9 wingspan. The sinewy guard from Providence is the perfect Thibs prospect — a dedicated defensive workhorse who can bomb 3s, attack seams in a rotating defense, and contribute as a connective playmaker on the other end. The Knicks have missed Immanuel Quickley in the backcourt. Carter can help paper over that void. The combined energy of Carter and Deuce McBride off the bench would probably power all of Manhattan, too.

2024 NBA Mock Draft 26-30 (WAS, MIN, DEN, UTA, BOS)

DaRon Holmes II. DaRon Holmes II. 26. . player. . C. Dayton. 26. 142

DaRon Holmes deserves more love. The junior from Dayton has been one of college basketball's top rim protectors for years. He's also extremely mobile, with a robust offensive skill set that expanded beyond the 3-point line last season. The Wizards need a new defensive backbone after the Daniel Gafford trade. Holmes can block shots, while also bombing 3s and working two-man actions with Nikola Topic as the Wizards reshape their offense.

. G. 86. 27. . Tyler Kolek. Tyler Kolek. 27. Marquette. player

The Wolves opt for Tyler Kolek, one of the sharpest point guards in college basketball. The Marquette senior dished out 7.7 assists to only 2.9 turnovers last season, spraying passes all over the floor out of pick-and-rolls. He's an aggressive spot-up shooter too, comfortable adapting to more of a connector role when asked to. The Wolves need to eventually replace Mike Conley. Kolek is the sort of heady playmaker and hard-wired competitor who fits the bill.

28. Kansas. 28. . 73. F. . Johnny Furphy. Johnny Furphy. player

Denver has prioritized older, more "ready now" prospects in recent years, but Kansas freshman Johnny Furphy could scratch an itch this June. He needs to flesh out his skill set and add muscle to his frame, but Furphy is a bonafide 3-point marksman who displayed an excellent sense for off-ball movement with the Jayhawks. His shooting gravity at 6-foot-8, combined with constant relocation, would pair nicely with Nikola Jokic.

118. . . G. Kyshawn George. Kyshawn George. 29. player. Miami. 29

Kyshawn George is the perfect late-round upside swing for Utah. The 6-foot-8 wing received on-ball reps at Miami, where he was allowed to create out of pick-and-rolls and showcase a fluid pull-up jumper. He needs to bulk up and prove his mettle in a more expansive role, but the Jazz can ease George into the NBA as part of a deep backcourt.

Tyler Smith. 30. 30. F. Tyler Smith. 18. . G League Ignite. player.

The Celtics land Tyler Smith to close out the first round. At 6-foot-10, it's easy to buy stock in Smith's gorgeous 3-point stroke. He shoots well spotting up or on the move, with potential to develop into a dangerous straight-line driver. Smith has a long way to go defensively, but he's a major athlete who can cover ground and protect the rim from the weak side. Boston's frontcourt isn't very deep behind Kristaps Porzingis and an aging Al Horford.

2024 NBA Mock Draft (Second Round)

31. Toronto Raptors — Ajay Mitchell, G, UC Santa Barbara
32. Utah Jazz — Ryan Dunn, F, Virginia
33. Milwaukee Bucks — KJ Simpson, G, Colorado
34. Portland Trail Blazers — Bobi Klintman, F, Cairns
35. San Antonio Spurs — Justin Edwards, F, Kentucky
36. Indiana Pacers — Jaylon Tyson, G, California
37. Minnesota Timberwolves — Dillon Jones, F, Weber State
38. New York Knicks — Izan Almansa, C, G League Ignite
39. Memphis Grizzlies — Harrison Ingram, F, North Carolina
40. Portland Trail Blazers — Melvin Ajinca, F, Saint-Quentin
41. Philadelphia 76ers — N'Faly Dante, C, Oregon
42. Charlotte Hornets — Cam Christie, F, Minnesota
43. Miami Heat — Baylor Scheierman, F, Creighton
44. Houston Rockets — Payton Sandfort, F, Iowa
45. Sacramento Kings — Hunter Sallis, G, Wake Forest
46. Los Angeles Clippers — Juan Núñez, G, Ratiopharm Ulm
47. Orlando Magic — Alex Karaban, F, Connecticut
48. San Antonio Spurs — Jalen Bridges, F, Baylor
49. Indiana Pacers — Pelle Larsson, F, Arizona
50. Indiana Pacers — Keshad Johnson, F, Arizona
51. Washington Wizards — Trevon Brazile, F, Arkansas
52. Golden State Warriors — Jonathan Mogbo, C, San Francisco
53. Detroit Pistons — Oso Ighodaro, C, Marquette
54. Boston Celtics — Jamal Shead, G, Houston
55. Los Angeles Lakers — Bronny James, G, USC (Full Scouting Report)
56. Denver Nuggets — P.J. Hall, C, Clemson
57. Memphis Grizzlies — Nikola Durisic, F, Mega MIS
58. Dallas Mavericks — Cam Spencer, G, Connecticut


2024 NBA DRAFT BIG BOARD. Donovan Clingan, Zach Edey headline March Madness risers. Donovan Clingan, Zach Edey headline March Madness risers. dark