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FanSided. The fastest growing independent sports and entertainment network on the Internet. Daily original content crafted for intelligent fans, by intelligent fans.

FanSided got it’s start back in April of 2007, when two brothers – Adam and Zach Best – launched Arrowhead Addict, our Kansas City Chiefs site. Years later that simple collaboration has blossomed into the FanSided Network – a growing collection of 270+ unique sports and entertainment sites dedicated to team-specific, sport-specific, genre-specific, and fanbase-specific coverage. Millions upon millions of sports fans have flocked to our online sports communities and we’re just getting started.

Nowhere else will you find the edgy, educated, and candid “fanpinions” that the FanSided Network dishes out each and every day, all year round. Fandom has no offseason. Neither do we. Sports and entertainment aren’t our jobs. Sports and entertainment are our lives. We know you eat, breathe, sleep, and “you know what” your passions. That’s why we’ve recruited a growing staff of FanSiders who are just as passionate about what they cover as you are. Our staff remains dedicated to giving fan nation the coverage it wants, offering the lowdown on our teams both on and off the field coupled with the nonstop scoops on all of your favorite entertainment interests and activities.

The FanSided community is as much yours as it is ours. We’re glad to have you on board and promise to deliver great original sports and entertainment content. Thanks for reading!


Adam Best

Executive Leadership

Adam Best, Co-Founder & CEO

Best co-founded the company in April 2007. He oversees the overall direction and growth of the company, from both a creativity and business standpoint.

adam.best@fansided.com | @adamcbest

Zach Best, Co-Founder & COO

Best co-founded the company in April 2007. He manages the growth of the network from a business and financial standpoint.

zach.best@fansided.com | @zacharybest

Matt Blake, Chief Product Officer

Blake has been consulting for the company since 2007 and has spearheaded the network’s technical department since 2011.

matt.blake@fansided.com | @mattsblake

Patrick Allen, Vice President, Content & Strategy

Allen has been with the FanSided Network since early 2009 and quarterbacks the network from a content perspective. He is also spearheading FanSided’s expansion into entertainment and lifestyle.

patrick.allen@fansided.com | @RPatrickAllen

Senior Leadership

Aaron Somers, Senior Personnel Director

Somers has been a part of FanSided since late 2011. He leads the network’s recruiting and staffing practices while overseeing our human resources needs.

aaron.somers@fansided.com | @AaronJSomers

Michael Castillo, Designer

Castillo has been with FanSided since 2011 and leads our design and graphics efforts with a focus on marketing.

michael.castillo@fansided.com | @MichaelCastFS

Joel Wagler, Senior Director, Sports

Wagler has been with FanSided since early 2013 and helps to oversee each of our sports divisions, offering guidance and additional leadership support.

joel.wagler@fansided.com | @jawsrecliner


Josh Sanchez, Editor in Chief, FanSided.com

josh.sanchez@fansided.com | @jnsanchez

Mike Dyce, Editor, FanSided.com

mike.dyce@fansided.com | @mikedyce

Josh Hill, Editor, FanSided.com

josh.hill@fansided.com | @jdavhill

Jack Jorgensen, Editor, FanSided.com

jack.jorgensen@fansided.com | @JackJ14CFB

Zac Snyder, NFL Editorial Director

zac.snyder@fansided.com | @ZacSnyder

Ernie Padaon, NFL Assistant Director

ernie.padaon@fansided.com |

Rich Spalding, NBA Director

rich.spalding@fansided.com |

Brad Rowland, NBA Assistant Director

brad.rowland@fansided.com | @BTRowland

Kyle Franzoni, MLB Editorial Director

kyle.franzoni@fansided.com | @bballbigbrother

David Hill, MLB Assistant Director

david.hill@fansided.com | @M1sterDave

Danny Abriano, MLB Assistant Director

danny.abriano@fansided.com | @D_Abriano

Tim Redinger, NHL Editorial Director

tim.redinger@fansided.com |

Jared Crozier, NHL Assistant Director

jared.crozier@fansided.com | @alfieishuman

Zach Ragan, NCAA Editorial Director

zach.ragan@fansided.com | @ZachAFT

Michael Collins, NCAA Editorial Director

michael.collins@fansided.com |

Dan Hughes, NCAA Editorial Director

dan.hughes@fansided.com |

Chris Headrick, Local/Extra Editorial Director

chris.headrick@fansided.com |

Phil Watson, Local/Extra Assistant Director

phil.watson@fansided.com |

Joel Wagler, Soccer Editorial Director

joel.wagler@fansided.com |

Mark Huss, Social Media Manager

mark.huss@fansided.com |

Brian Miller, Consultant

brian.miller@fansided.com |

Joel Cheesman, Advisor

Joel Cheesman is a fine purveyor of weapons grade snark, self-proclaimed mobile marketing, SEO, recruiting and blogging badass; an entrepreneurial wannabe and occasional public speaker. An online recruitment veteran with over 15 years experience, he’s probably best know for the award-winning industry blog Cheezhead. Joel is currently founder of Morale.me, among other endeavors he hopes will keep his family fed and his cats groomed. Follow him at @joelcheesman.

Site Editors, Staff Writers, and Contributors

The FanSided Network and our 280+ sites have a growing staff exceeding 1,500 writers – some serving as site editors and many others as part time contributors. To learn more about these staff members please visit the About pages at each of our respective sites.