Tiger Woods tracker, The Masters Round 3: Shot tracker, hole-by-hole live score updates

Follow along with Tiger Woods in the third round of The Masters.
The Masters - Round Two
The Masters - Round Two / Warren Little/GettyImages

Tiger Woods at The Masters is truly unlike anything we've ever seen in the sport of golf. Despite only playing a little more than one competitive round in 2024 prior to coming to Augusta National Golf Club this week, he handled brutal wind and elements over the first two rounds truly better than most. Woods not only set the record for most consecutive made cuts at The Masters, but he comes into the weekend at T22 with a +1 score over the first two rounds.

It certainly wasn't a blitz of the field by any means from Tiger. Moreover, he's still seven strokes back of the lead held by Bryson DeChambeau, Max Homa and Scottie Scheffler coming into Saturday. But the fact that he didn't eject in the same manner as the likes of Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Viktor Hovland and even Rory McIlroy with the weather playing such a factor in spite of Woods' rust is a testament to his prodigious talent and his knowledge at Augusta National that's just unmatched.

Now he heads into the weekend and, whether realistic or not, Tiger Woods thinks he has a chance to add a sixth Green Jacket to his collection. He'll be playing alongside Tyrrell Hatton, who signed with LIV Golf earlier this year, in the third round.

Follow Tiger Woods along with us through Round 3 at The Masters with shot-by-shot and hole-by-hole updates for the five-time champion at this tournament as we have live score tracking and more.

Tiger Shot Tracker, The Masters Round 3: Hole-by-hole results

Hole 1 (Par 4, 445 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Truly impressed with how well Tiger has driven the ball this week. Splits the fairway to start Round 3 with a 305-yard bomb. Just 147 yards left into the hole.
  • Shot 2: Not his best approach as he comes up a bit short. Still on the green, but flatly in the middle on the wrong shelf. 48 feet for birdie.
  • Shot 3: Great lag putt from a tough spot. Perfect speed just to the left of the hole. Simply tap-in for par.
  • Shot 4: Good start. Par (Round 3: E | Tournament: +1)

Hole 2 (Par 5, 585 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Didn't seem overly pleased with the drive, but still turns out just fine. Dives just into the first cut down the right side of the fairway. 303 yards to the hole, likely blasting it down in a pseudo-layup.
  • Shot 2: Down the hill, Woods got a hold of this one, sending it left of the hole into the patrons but setting himself up with a nice pitch opportunity and angle to get a good look at birdie.
  • Shot 3: Solid but could've been better. Left himself 16 feet for the birdie look.
  • Shot 4: Good putt, but not good enough as it dances by.
  • Shot 5: Tap-in. Par (Round 3: E | Tournament: +1)

Hole 3 (Par 4, 350 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Just barely carries the fairway bunkers with his drive and it trickles into the rough off an angle down the left side. Still only 77 yards left to the hole.
  • Shot 2: Greens are spicy today! This one bounces hard and rolls out about 18 feet away from the cup. Will be a tough putt for birdie, but not impossible.
  • Shot 3: Looked good but just didn't take the last turn into the hole. Still a solid effort.
  • Shot 4: We're in. Par (Round 3: E | Tournament: +1)

Hole 4 (Par 3, 227 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Perfect leave, hitting the shot to the front left edge on the fringe. He'll have a solid look at birdie, one of the better of the day on No. 4. He has 39 feet left.
  • Shot 2: Was never really close to going in, ran it a little fast playing too much break. Still a few feet left for the par.
  • Shot 3: Mishit for the delicate 6-footer and it dives low.
  • Shot 4: Tap-in for a dropped shot. Bogey (Round 3: +1 | Tournament: +2)

Hole 5 (Par 4, 495 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Strong drive on what has been a difficult hole for him historically. Pelted out a 319-yards to the right side of the fairway. 196 left to the hole.
  • Shot 2: Phenomenal shot. Hits the approach hole high to the right of the pin location. About 20 feet left for the birdie try.
  • Shot 3: Oh yeah! A big curler from right to left and it's perfect, dropping right into the hole, Birdie (Round 3: E | Tournament: +1)

Hole 6 (Par 3, 180 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Tiger had an eye on this one and it was a good one on what's been a tough hole so far on Saturday. 21 feet left from off the back of the green.
  • Shot 2: Left this one way, way short as it seemed to get caught up in the longer grass around the green. Still a good 5 feet left to save par.
  • Shot 3: Another tough miss for Woods. Two 3-putts from off the green to make bogey.
  • Shot 4: Bogey (Round 3: +1 | Tournament: +2)

Hole 7 (Par 4, 450 Yards)

  • Shot 1: The drive leaked a little to the left and could create a tricky angle into the hole. 166 yards out from the hole.
  • Shot 2: Not what we were looking for. Punched it out and left it in a bad spot short left of the bunkers.
  • Shot 3: Compounding mistakes, leaves the pitch short and into the bunker.
  • Shot 4: Out of the bunker, he looked at the hole but it raced by, leaving a tester for even to save bogey.
  • Shot 5: Didn't put enough on it. Just 3 feet left for double.
  • Shot 6: In. Double Bogey (Round 3: +3 | Tournament: +4)

Hole 8 (Par 5, 570 Yards)

  • Shot 1: No good. Pulled it dead to the left and deep into the trees. He'll surely be punching out from where he landed with just under 300 yards still left to the hole on top of that.
  • Shot 2: As predicted, just a quick shot to get back into the fairway. Tiger has 244 to the hole to try and set up a birdie.
  • Shot 3: Certainly seems like things might be falling apart slightly. Left it to the right of the green needing to get up and down for par from 40 yards out.
  • Shot 4: Not sharp still. Left the pitch woefully short with 25 feet remaining for the par.
  • Shot 5: Woof. Better pace with confidence, but it runs by the hole. 3-5 feet left to save bogey.
  • Shot 6: Wheels are off. Misses the comebacker.
  • Shot 7: Finally down. Double Bogey (Round 3: +5 | Tournament: +6)

Hole 9 (Par 4, 460 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Immediately unhappy with the shot and rightfully so. Hangs the drive out to the right and Tiger ends up in the pine straw. 148 yards to the hole, but some obstacles to navigate and his body looks like it may be hurting him.
  • Shot 2: Stuck behind a tree with no angle, he tried to curve a punch shot out, was clearly and pain, and left it in the greenside bunker.
  • Shot 3: Decent enough bunker shot that runs by the hole. Still has 12-15 feet remaining to save par.
  • Shot 4: Heartbreaker here as it dances around the hole but doesn't fall.
  • Shot 5: Tap-in for 42 on the out side of the card. Bogey (Round 3: +6 | Tournament: +7)

Hole 10 (Par 4, 495 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Solid drive compared to the previous few holes. Finds the fairway and left with 202 yards to the hole still.
  • Shot 2: Making the turn seemingly did wonders for Tiger. Sticks the approach with 12 feet left for birdie.
  • Shot 3: Just missed it wide but a confident stroke. 3 feet left for par.
  • Shot 4: Gets back on track with a par. Par (Round 3: +6 | Tournament: +7)

Hole 11 (Par 4, 520 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Definitely not where he wanted to hit that one, but it finds the fairway. Tough angle left into this hole location, though. 216 still left to the hole.
  • Shot 2: Bit of bad luck here. Woods sliced one around a pine tree and it hit on the collar of the green, kicking it dead right and leaving a devilish pitch back onto the green.
  • Shot 3: Little bit of sauce! He bumps it back into that collar and leaks it over the edge. Leaves himself under 10 feet to save par.
  • Shot 4: Great make, strong save. Par (Round 3: +6 | Tournament: +7)

Hole 12 (Par 3, 146 Yards)

  • Shot 1: A miss, but the right miss. Comes off to the left of the green and he should have a comfy chip to set up a par.
  • Shot 2: Nice shot, leaves himself 6 feet for the par.
  • Shot 3: Short putts have not been kind. Another short miss, another dropped shot.
  • Shot 4: Bogey (Round 3: +7 | Tournament: +8)

Hole 13 (Par 5, 545 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Great drive goes a little long through the right of the fairway but still has 256 left to the hole from the rough.
  • Shot 2: Laying it up, Tiger puts it right in front of Ray's Creek with just 61 yards in.
  • Shot 3: Stuffs the short approach to just 8 feet.
  • Shot 4: Converts it, great hole, great bounce-back. Birdie (Round 3: +6 | Tournament: +7)

Hole 14 (Par 4, 440 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Definitely seems like Tiger is fighting his body on Saturday. Hits the drive 325 yards but dead into the pine straw.
  • Shot 2: Had to punch it out as expected. He came close to running it onto the green, but it rolls off to the right side, putting the short game to the test again.
  • Shot 3: Tougher pitch than he would've liked. Still a makable 15-footer for par.
  • Shot 4: Good effort but it dives below the hole.
  • Shot 5: Tap-in. Bogey (Round 3: +7 | Tournament: +8)

Hole 15 (Par 5, 550 Yards)

  • Shot 1: No chance of going for it in two as Woods puts it out to the right behind the trees that line the fairway with 284 to the hole. Definite layup incoming, though.
  • Shot 2: Won't lie, got a little worried as Tiger cut one right down to the edge of the water just 47 yards remaining to the hole.
  • Shot 3: Horrible pitch, sends it over the green.
  • Shot 4: Man, this is getting sloppy. Tries to bump it into the hill to check and it does it too much, staying up on the fringe. Still 12-15 feet left for par.
  • Shot 5: Good line, just a couple revolutions short of the hole.
  • Shot 6: Bogey (Round 3: +8 | Tournament: +9)

Hole 16 (Par 3, 170 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Definitely not his best iron shot here either, sending it deep into the 16th green. Going to be a difficult two-putt from long range.
  • Shot 2: He looks immensely frustrated after that putt, and he should. Misjudged the speed and hit it right through the break. Still a good 8-10 feet left for par as this wasn't even close.
  • Shot 3: Not a bad effort, but another miss...
  • Shot 4: And yet another bogey. Bogey (Round 3: +9 | Tournament: +10)

Hole 17 (Par 4, 440 Yards)

  • Shot 1: Not a bad drive but it bled a little too left for him. Just 115 yards left to the hole, but may be blocked out by the trees.
  • Shot 2: Indeed blocked by the tree, so Tiger pitched it to the front right of the green.
  • Shot 3: Great pitch from the angle he set up. Just 6 feet left for par.
  • Shot 4: Pulled it. Wasted opportunity.
  • Shot 5: Bogey (Round 3: +10 | Tournament: +11)

Hole 18 (Par 4, 465 Yards)

  • Shot 1: His best drive in easily the last 10 holes. Tiger finds the fairway with a nice one and should have around 170 into the green.
  • Shot 2: Nothing special but finds the putting surface. 43 feet remaining for birdie.
  • Shot 3: Almost magic. Perfect speed and just ducked to the right of the hole.
  • Shot 4: Finishes with no square. Par (Round 3: +10 | Tournament: +11)