AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl Odds & Prediction


Here are the odds and prediction for the AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl!

The bowls are more than half over, and though I haven’t watched all of them between holiday festivities and work, I don’t think I am off to that great of a start. My bowl mania picks were doing okay until Nebraska beat UCLA. I still have the against the spread picks to go, and from the looks of it, it will be a struggle to stay at .500 in bowl season. I still will finish in the black in the points system though.

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In case you missed how the point scale works, here is a brief rundown:

5. A lock. I am comfortable making a sizable wager on this game.

4. Very confident. Not quite a lock, but I am comfortable making a decent sized wager on it.

3. Middle of the road. Good enough that I would make a small wager on it.

2. Could go either way. So much so that I wouldn’t bet on it.

1. Stay away from these.

Just in case you missed any:

On to the AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl!

LSU(-7.5) vs. Texas Tech at Houston, TX(5):

LSU(8-3, 5-3):

Wins: at Mississippi State(21-19), vs. Auburn(45-21), at Syracuse(34-24), vs. Eastern Michigan(44-22), vs. South Carolina(45-24), vs. Florida(35-28), vs. Western Kentucky(48-20), vs. Texas A&M(19-7)

Losses: at Alabama(16-30), vs. Arkansas(14-31), at Mississippi(17-38)

Record vs. bowl teams: 5-3

Texas Tech(7-5, 4-5):

Wins: vs. Sam Houston State(59-45), vs. UTEP(69-20), at Arkansas(35-24), vs. Iowa State(66-31), at Kansas(30-20), vs. Kansas State(59-44), at Texas(48-45)

Losses: vs. TCU(52-55), vs. Baylor(35-63), at Oklahoma(27-63), vs. Oklahoma State(53-70), at West Virginia(26-31)

Record vs. bowl teams: 2-5

LSU was cruising until they weren’t. November wasn’t kind to the Tigers. After the loss to Alabama, they lost two more in a row to SEC West foes, and there were rumblings that Les Miles would be fired. The Tigers rallied to win the season finale, and find themselves in the Texas Bowl against a Texas team. Except that Baton Rouge is much closer to Houston than Lubbock is.

Texas Tech is still allergic to defense, and still boasts a high flying offense. Not much has changed since Mike Leach headed west. Texas Tech gave up at least 20 points in every game, including to a Kansas team that is in the bottom five of total offense. FCS Sam Houston State ran up 45 on Tech, but they did make the FCS playoffs. The Red Raiders gave up 44 or more an alarming seven times this year!

These two teams have not played since 1957, which is unusual since they aren’t that far apart. Texas Tech beat the Arkansas team that beat LSU in Baton Rouge, but we all know Arkansas thought the season started on Halloween again this year.

LSU couldn’t have asked for a better bowl matchup. If they ran into a team that was going to make them pass, they would have been in trouble. Instead, they get a Texas Tech team who is in the bottom five in run defense, and they have arguably the best running back in college in Leonard Fournette. On paper, this looks like a tough matchup for Texas Tech, but they have won nine of their last 11 bowl games.

My pick: Texas Tech

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