Dan Marino’s jersey is retired by the Miami Heat (Photo)

While the Miami Heat have only been around since 1989, the team has some jerseys retired. One of those jerseys is Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino.

The Miami Heat have been a very successful franchise since entering the league in 1989. In that time, the team has won three NBA Championships and five Eastern Conference Championships.

With the amount of success the team has had, it’s only fitting that the team honors the great players that they’ve had by retiring their jerseys.

One of the jerseys retired by the Heat wasn’t even a player who played for the Heat.

The Miami Heat have the jersey of Miami Dolphins and NFL great Dan Marino retired high above the American Airlines Arena.

For what it’s worth, the team also has Michael Jordan’s jersey up there as well, but at least that’s in the same ballpark.

While Marino didn’t win any Super Bowls, the Hall of Fame quarterback is a legend in the city as he lead the team to a Super Bowl appearance and set at one point several records.

So Marino may have never laced up and taken the floor for the Heat, but he left enough of an impact on the city for the Heat to put his jersey in their rafters.

[H/T: Andrew Abramson]