National Funding Holiday Bowl Odds & Prediction


Time for the National Funding Holiday Bowl odds and prediction!

The bowls are more than half over, and though I haven’t watched all of them between holiday festivities and work, I don’t think I am off to that great of a start. My bowl mania picks were doing okay until Nebraska beat UCLA. I still have the against the spread picks to go, and from the looks of it, it will be a struggle to stay at .500 in bowl season. I still will finish in the black in the points system though.

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In case you missed how the point scale works, here is a brief rundown:

5. A lock. I am comfortable making a sizable wager on this game.

4. Very confident. Not quite a lock, but I am comfortable making a decent sized wager on it.

3. Middle of the road. Good enough that I would make a small wager on it.

2. Could go either way. So much so that I wouldn’t bet on it.

1. Stay away from these.

Just in case you missed any:

On to the National Funding Holiday Bowl!

USC(-3.5) vs. Wisconsin at San Diego, CA(4):

USC(8-5, 6-4):

Wins: vs. Arkansas State(55-6), vs. Idaho(59-9), at Arizona State(42-14), vs. Utah(42-24), at California(27-21), vs. Arizona(38-30), at Colorado(27-24), vs. UCLA(40-21)

Losses: vs. Stanford(31-41), vs. Washington(12-17), at Notre Dame(31-41), at Oregon(28-48), vs. Stanford(22-41)

Record vs. bowl teams: 5-5

Wisconsin(9-3, 6-2):

Wins: vs. Miami(OH)(58-0), vs. Troy(28-3), vs. Hawaii(28-0), at Nebraska(23-21), vs. Purdue(24-7), at Illinois(24-13), vs. Rutgers(48-10), at Maryland(31-24), at Minnesota(31-21)

Losses: vs. Alabama(17-35), vs. Iowa(6-10), vs. Northwestern(7-13)

Record vs. bowl teams: 2-3

USC is another one of those teams that was supposed to be at the forefront of the college playoff talk. Instead, they made headlines for mostly the wrong reasons. From the dismissal of Steve Sarkisian to the regression of Cody Kessler, the season didn’t go as planned. The offense wasn’t as explosive as they thought, but this USC team has proven they can win close games, which could be good in facing a defensive-minded Wisconsin team.

The Badgers were unable to get the consistency needed from the quarterback position, and the revolving door at running back after the Corey Clement injury just made things worse. Dare Ogbunwale finally emerged with the job later in the year, and Wisconsin’s offense played better because of it. That said, they lack a playmaker at receiver, and with Corey Clement back in the mix for this game, it could make things murky again.

USC was able to hide some of their defensive shortcomings, but Oregon and Stanford exposed them. Fortunately for the Trojans, Wisconsin doesn’t have the offensive firepower or the gamebreakers that Oregon and Stanford have.

My pick: USC

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