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From coast-to-coast, a new WNBA season is in full swing.  But keeping up on all of that action isn’t an easy thing to do, so we’ve simplified the process and made things easier.

Streaming services like ESPN+ carry games, although not every game is available everywhere each night. Facebook also has a partnership with the WNBA to stream games as does Amazon Prime. NBA TV will televise certain games, and CBS Sports struck a TV deal for the rights to air select games during the season as well.

Simply put, if you want to get your WNBA fix there are more than a few avenues you can follow.

Listed below is the entire slate of WNBA games today, including a full look at tonight and tomorrow’s WNBA TV schedule.

WNBA Games Today & Tonight – August 4, 2022

  • Connecticut Sun vs. Phoenix Mercury – 7 pm ET on ESPN2
  • Dallas Wings vs. Las Vegas Aces – 8 pm ET on ESPN3, BSSW+, MYLVTV

WNBA Schedule Tomorrow – August 5, 2022

  • Atlanta Dream vs. Los Angeles Sparks – 7:30 pm ET on CBS SPORTS NETWORK, BALLY SPORTS SOUTH

What channel is WNBA on this week?

WNBA Standings (Updated August 4, 2022)

It’s a season-long race to the top of the standings, but only the Top 8 teams qualify for the WNBA Playoffs. That means right now typical postseason mainstays like the Minnesota Lynx and Phoenix Mercury are on the outside looking in, while the defending champion Chicago Sky are among a handful of top-tier teams to have already punched a playoff ticket.

X – Clinched playoff berth
E – Eliminated from playoffs


Chicago Sky 23-8 (X)

Last rank: No Change


Las Vegas Aces 22-9 (X)

Last rank: No Change


Connecticut Sun 21-10 (x)

Last rank: No Change


Seattle Storm 20-12 (X)

Last rank: No Change


Washington Mystics 20-12 (X)

Last rank: No Change


Dallas Wings 14-16

Last rank: No Change


Atlanta Dream 13-18

Last rank: 9th


New York Liberty 13-18

Last rank: 11th

— Playoff Cutoff —


Phoenix Mercury 13-18

Last rank: 7th


Los Angeles Sparks 12-19

Last rank: 8th


Minnesota Lynx 12-20

Last rank: 10th

— Eliminated From Playoff Picture–


Indiana Fever 5-28 (E)

Last rank: No Change

WNBA Playoff Bracket and Format (Updated August 2, 2022)

Here’s a look at where things currently stand as far as the WNBA Playoffs are concerned. The bracket is far from being set, but the playoff picture is starting to look more and more clear as games become more and more important for teams trying to punch their ticket.

This year will mark the return of the all-series format for the WNBA Playoffs for the first time since 2015. Previously a single-elimination format was used for the first rounds, which was re-seeded after the first round. Neither of these approaches is part of the format this postseason. Unlike the 2015 playoffs, which was the last time a standard 8-team bracket was used, the top 8 teams in the league will qualify for the playoffs rather than the top 4 teams from each conference.

Previously the WNBA Playoffs used a 1-1-1 format in the first round, with the higher seed hosting the first and last games of a series. Starting this postseason, the higher-seeded team will host the first two games with the ‘if necessary’ third game being played at the lower seed’s arena.

Both the WNBA Conference Finals and the WNBA Finals will be five-game series.

The WNBA Playoffs begin on May 6th.

Note: This is what the playoffs would look like if they started today. The bracket and matchups will change as the season continues. 

First Round (Best of 3)

  • (1) Chicago Sky vs. (8) New York Liberty
  • (2) Las Vegas Aces vs. (7) Atlanta Dream
  • (3) Connecticut Sun vs. (6) Dallas Wings
  • (4) Seattle Storm vs. (5) Washington Mystics

WNBA Conference Finals (Best of 5)

  • (1/8) vs. (4/5)
  • (2/7) vs. (3/6)

WNBA Finals (Best of 5)

  • TBD vs. TBD

WNBA Tiebreaker Rules

  • The better winning percentage among all head-to-head games involving tied teams.
  • Better winning percentage against all teams with a .500 or better record at the end of the season.
  • Better point differential in games net result of total points scored less total points allowed head-to-head.
  • Better point differential net result of total points scored less total points allowed against all opponents.
  • Coin toss (or draw of lots, if at least three teams are still tied after the first four tiebreakers fail).