Jump Ball Statistics 1998 – Present


Glossary Of Terms

Height: Measured by inches (60 = Five feet, 72 = Six feet, 84 = Seven Feet). Just about all of these were from DraftExpress. There were like 10 I had to get from Basketball-Reference, and I altered a few. (J.J. Barea, for example, is not 6’0” or even 5’10”.) Both types where I used Basketball-Reference or just my eyes were for players who had very small samples, though.

Jump Balls Won and Lost: Jump balls where the player’s team gained or lost possession.

Open Jump Balls: Jump balls to start first quarters and overtime.

Live Jump Balls: Jump balls in the middle of the game to decide held balls and other situations when neither team has possession. The ones that usually take place at a free throw line unlike half-court for ‘open’ jump balls.

OT Jump Balls: All jump balls that occurred in overtime.


All stats derived from official NBA play-by-play logs and compiled by Matt Femritediscussion here.